Maisey`s Magical Sleepy adventure!

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Dosbarth Coch:

One Night Maisey was in Mams bed reading “Tabby McCat”. Maisey fell fast asleep and began to dream about


...magic candy in the magical woods. The magical woods were super-duper dark and she could not see anything...but there was something shiny in the distance.


As she slept, the voices of the book kept playing through her mind. In her mind’s eye she realised she was in the forest from her story. Trees surrounded her and it was dark and shadowy as the trees blocked out the light. She was clearly lost. 

In her half sleep she knew she was dreaming but the forest seemed so real. She knew she had to enter the forest, the voices were telling her to. As she stepped further into the forest, vines began to grow out of her book. The further she went into the forest the more vines grew out of her book.


Maisy walked towards the shiny light. As she reached the shiny light the vines stopped growing, the shiny light was coming from behind the mysterious door which was in the trunk of an enormous, magical apple tree. She pushed the door open a little further and she saw a magical sign, it was pointing towards stairs that led up to a hidden tree house, she reached the steep twisty stairs and as she stepped on to the steep twisty stairs they began to move, they were magic! Soon she reached the tree house and there she saw....


… a unicorn!!! The unicorn was shiny and she had big, glittery wings. Maisey said “can I have a ride on your back please”? The unicorn said “yes you may. But where do you want to go?” Maisey thought about it for a while and said  “please can I go to a castle I would love to see a pink glittery princess” she climbed carefully on the unicorns back and they set off. They flew high in the sky. They scooped and swooped over the hills and came to ….........


… a gigantic, magical and fairy-tale castle. The unicorn stopped at the shadowy, aged door. Maisy jumped off the sparkling, glittery unicorn and pushed open the heavy door. The door creaked open and she saw a very gloomy, smelly room. Maisy wondered who lived in a castle like this!!! She saw a sign that said walk this way to find the owner. She tipped toed gingerly through the room and she was startled to see …...


An ugly, wicked witch! She had a gigantic, gooey wart at the end of her nose, dirty crooked teeth and spiders climbing over her swishing black cloak. She wore a very tall black and red hat, purple, fluffy slippers and was holding a bumpy, old broom. Maisie saw a scruffy, black cat at the witch’s feet nibbling at her slippers. Maisie was horrified!!! The witch screeched “My name is …"


“Luna and I am going to make you disappear out of this dark, mysterious castle because I want this castle all to myself!!”. All of a sudden, Maisey heard the roar of a fiery, magical dragon. The dragon was angry at Maisey because she had woken him up from his nap. The fierce dragon blew a giant fireball at Maisey. Maisey decided to run far away from the castle but the dragon followed her and got closer and closer until...


Maisie found an enchanted sword and waved it in the air creating a beautiful, shimmering rainbow and a torrential storm that put out the dragon’s fire saving her in the nick of time. The deadly dragon swooped once more but this time she was ready...


She ran back into the woods. The red, yellow and spikey dragon landed in front of Maisey. Maisey ran behind the tree and closed her eyes and wished for a miracle. All of a sudden the tree branches pulled her into the tree trunk and she disappeared…


Inside the tree Maisey opened her eyes and saw a beautiful, blonde fairy, she was wearing a sparkly blue dress and a glittery wand. “My dear you look lost, can I help you by granting you a wish” the fairy asked. “you only have one wish so think carefully and wisely, and you cannot tell of your meeting with me.” 


“Well, I`m not sure of what to wish for!” Said Maisey, “I Shall help you with that!” Her Magical Fairy replied. “How?” Maisey questioned, "Think of something that makes you so happy, you burst!” “Ok then...” said Maisey, “Got it!” Said Her Magical Fairy, And with a wish of her wand she tapped Maisey on the head and WOOOOSSSHH!!! She was gone. As Maisey awoke from her Slumber she saw her mother, standing by her side. As she yawned her mother said, “Enjoyed your Sleep?” Maisey nodded and gave her a hug, A loving hug. 

The End!