Home working and schooling

The school staff are working incredibly hard to maintain the education provision for all pupils.  As well as working from home to provide a continuing education, staff are working to provide  childcare in the Hubs as well as contacting families to offer support by telephone and delivering paper based work to those children we do not have digital devices.

For pupils who are not eligible for in-school provision, a variety of activities have been planned for that cover basic literacy and numeracy tasks. The topic leaflets for the individual class topics can be found here 

Each school day, a literacy, numeracy and topic activity will be planned. Instructions and any supporting information will be sent our via a daily Schoop. Activities may be set using Purple Mash or Hwb and video tutorials can be found below. Both Purple Mash and Hwb are fully compatible with Tablets, Laptops and Desktop PCs. 

To support parents in the teaching of maths, Mr Timbrell is creating tutorial videos on the methods that we use in school. The relevant video will be sent out at the beginning of the week and they can also be found on our YouTube channel here

To encourage the children's creativity and reduce reliance on technology, some tasks may be creative or practical. All parents have been sent a login for Seesaw, an online platform that allows the secure sharing of photos and videos. The teachers love seeing the children's work and this platform also allows the teachers to respond to the photos and videos, continuing the dialogue between parent and child, that is so important. If you do not have your login or need support, please contact Mr Timbrell, details below. 

During holidays and bank holidays, we will also be planning wellbeing activities to support you in helping our children at this time. We no not insist on these activities being completed, but we provide them should you want ideas for activities to do with your children during this time.

If you have any questions on accessing Purple Mash, Seesaw or Hwb or how to complete homework, you can contact Mr Timbrell on  timbrelli@hwbcymru.net  at any time or 07773402504 between 8.30am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday

Completing homework on Purple Mash

Some activities are being set on Purple Mash. To make this as easy as possible we utilise a tool called 2Do. This makes finding and saving the activity easy. Watch the video for a tutorial on how to save and access the work.

Completing homework on Office 365

All children have access to free Microsoft Office software online. Watch the video for a quick guide on how to access and use the software. 

WEllbeing advice

EPS Support Line Flyer (docx)


Wellbeing Pack Two - Information for Parents, Carers and Professionals (docx)


Wellbeing Pack One - Information for Pupils on Covid 19 (docx)